R&D Tax Relief For Loss-Making Companies

Mark Evans, Managing Director at R&D Tax Claims, explains how R&D Tax Relief For Loss-Making Companies can create a valuable cash injection: 'I am regularly asked by companies that are loss-making, and therefore, not paying any corporation tax whether they can claim R&D Tax relief, the simple answer is yes!' R&D Tax Relief for Loss-Making Companies SME Research and Development Tax Relief applies equally to companies who are making a profit and therefore paying corporation...

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R&D Tax Credits…

If you’re concerned that filing for R&D tax credits will be too time consuming, complicated , or simply not worth the effort - you need to think again, as the average R&D tax saving is £60k for SMEs. Research & Development tax relief is a government incentive set up to encourage businesses to investment in research, development and innovation. So, how could filing a claim for R&D Tax credits benefit you and your company? Our process... R&D Tax Claims, has a tried and...

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R&D Tax Savings for Manufacturing Companies

We are experts in R&D Tax relief for manufacturing firms. Maybe you have heard about R&D Tax refunds, but as a manufacturing or engineering company you’re not sure whether you are eligible? If so, you’ve come to the right place, as our website is dedicated to creating a very simple overview of how manufacturing and engineering companies can legitimately maximise their R&D Tax claim. Mark Evans, R&D Tax Claims, Managing Director recommended: ‘If you have a moment...

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New Brand and Website for R&D Tax Claims

The HMRC scheme is open to a wide range of eligible businesses across all sectors, however, R&D Tax Claims were keen to showcase their expertise working with manufacturing and engineering companies, as their know-how has delivered a 100% claims success rate. The new website includes a simple R&D Tax Relief eligibility checker, with users able to quickly and easily identify whether they could successfully make a claim. It also features client success stories, which highlights how easy...

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R&D Tax Claims Explained

Find out how you can claim from the government tax incentive scheme designed to encourage companies to invest in R&D.

About the Scheme

A government incentive that rewards UK companies for spending on innovation.

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The Benefits

Receive a cash credit, lowered corporation tax bill or a combination of the two.

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The Process

Tried and tested process with six easy steps which can be completed in 12 weeks or less.

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Claim Eligibility

Have you developed new or improved products or processes?

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