R&D Tax Savings for Manufacturing Companies

One of the UK’s leading R&D Tax Claim experts, specialising in securing R&D Tax relief for engineering and manufacturing businesses has launched it new brand and website.

We are experts in R&D Tax relief for manufacturing firms.

Maybe you have heard about R&D Tax refunds, but as a manufacturing or engineering company you’re not sure whether you are eligible? If so, you’ve come to the right place, as our website is dedicated to creating a very simple overview of how manufacturing and engineering companies can legitimately maximise their R&D Tax claim.

Mark Evans, R&D Tax Claims, Managing Director recommended:

‘If you have a moment take a look at our success stories, as you will read that the majority of our clients did not know about the scheme, or they thought they didn’t qualify.  In our experience there are still a lot of companies that aren’t claiming that should be, make sure you are not one of them!’

If you are a limited company based in the UK and have undertaken any of the following activities, it’s more than likely that you will be eligible:

  • Developed a new product and/or manufacturing process (it does not matter if it was successful or not);
  • Tried to improve existing products and/or manufacturing processes;
  • Resolved technical problems with one of your products;
  • Resolved technical problems with one of your manufacturing processes; or
  • Experimented with new products, equipment and manufacturing processes.

To complete our simple eligibility questionnaire click here.

Why Work with R&D Tax Claims?

Working with an R&D Tax claim expert with specialist knowledge of the manufacturing and engineering sector can maximise your claim award and speed up its payment as one of our experienced Account Managers will quickly identify your qualifying expenditure and will provide you with all the documentation you require to collect the raw data, making the process both quick and efficient.

R&D Tax Claims does not charge its clients unless their claim is successful.  Our standard fee is 20% of the benefit you receive, which you only pay after you have received your payable credit and/or corporation tax reduction … so what have you got to lose, contact us today!

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R&D Tax Claims Explained

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