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Find out if your business may be eligible for an R&D Tax Refund?

Our expertise is working with UK businesses who are involved in manufacturing or engineering, typically with 25 employees or more. In our experience, the vast majority of these companies are inherently eligible, simply because it’s such a competitive environment that to win and retain business you need to be innovative!

In fact, innovation is often at the heart of many manufacturing businesses, with the trialling and testing of processes and techniques critical when delivering client requirements, at the lowest possible cost!

Don’t fall in to the trap of many of your sector counterparts, who all too often perceive R&D as something undertaken by scientists wearing white coats in laboratories, rather than engineers in oily factories … it’s more than likely that you are doing R&D, but just not enjoying the tax benefits!

Check here to check your eligibility to Claim R&D Tax by answering a few simply questions.

R&D Tax Claims Explained

Find out how you can claim from the government tax incentive scheme designed to encourage companies to invest in R&D.

About the Scheme

A government incentive that rewards UK companies for spending on innovation.

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The Benefits

Receive a cash credit, lowered corporation tax bill or a combination of the two.

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The Process

Tried and tested process with six easy steps which can be completed in 12 weeks or less.

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Claim Eligibility

Have you developed new or improved products or processes?

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